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A cuvèe composed largely of white wine, with a nuance of red. Matured in part-filled oak barrels that let the wines breathe as they transform into vinegar. This ancient process, encouraged by an old "mother", that has been kept alive for fifty years, takes almost two years from start to completion.

These elements make JOIA ORGANIC Wine Vinegar with marc (the solid remains of grapes after pressing) a unique product. One whose added value is shaped throughout by careful tending and handicraft. A craft based on, and transmitting, the tastes and elegance of forgotten traditions.

The intense copper color and light appearance present themselves on the palate with great sapidity, balanced notes, and with reference to scents reminiscent of balsamic and herbal aromas.

Joia Organic is the result of simplicity conjoined with innovation: a perfect combination for a journey into new flavors.


Grapevines that die provide the opportunity for a new birth--as they are converted into charcoal whose smoke is captured into liquid and distilled. This infuses a further evolution of Joia Organic Wine Vinegar into JOIA EXENTIAL Smoked Wine Vinegar.

This is a truly sublime vinegar with intense decisive flavors with resin notes, thin spices and a fragrant incense.

The eternal possibilities of nature always renew and transform everything; leading us to search for rich new fragrances to exalt, made from the simplest raw foods.